Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ballerina inspired dress>>Tried it>>Loved it!! New OBSESSION!!!

I am not a very girly kinda girl who would actually go for all the girly dresses in terms of my style.But,recently i've been loving all the ballerina inspired tutu dresses.I am loving all the lovely pastel colours,ruffles,feathers etc all put together in tutu inspired dresses.Not everybody would actually go for dresses like that.But i think they're so pretty.I think the girly side in me is gradually coming out. ;p I can't wait to find one perfect tutu inspired dress for myself.It's the party season so i think i could have a little fun with a little twist in my style. ;p

 I'm loving this trend with a feminine twist so far.I think it's gonna be hit this party season.I love it and i hope you all do as well.So have fun girls! ;p
>>>>>>>>>>I did it!!!! Wore it on x mas party>>>here's the pic!!

Finally found something my kind @ Bershka.But a smaller size and bit long..Umm but i worked it out.Was fun trying a different style.I styled it this way! :)


  1. I'm loving the tulle pieces as well...thinking about making one for myself but I'm afraid it might look too childish....hmmmmm.


    1. I don't think it'll look childish.U can always get inspired by these dresses and create ur own version so that it won't look childish.They're all so gorgeous.I did manage to get one dress on x-mas.Everyone thought it looked pretty ! :)


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