Friday, 20 January 2012

Versace or TOPSHOP?

I am a huge fan of Versace's classic print clothing.I don't know there's something about the whole design and the colours that draws my attention to it.I was eagerly waiting for one of the bomber jacket from Versace for HnM collection but unfortunately it was sold out.I could do nothing but get disappointed.All the lots i could find on ebays were priced very high so i did'nt bother getting them.Meanwhile,when i was not thinking about the jacket so much there comes Jessy J's new music video 'Domino'.

Well! as you all might have guessed,it was like a torture for me to be reminded me of>>"my once upon a time,could've have been mine jacket." :(  Then,that's it,my obsession for the jacquard printed bomber jacket has reached to it's peak.Lol!Not everyone would like the style but i just love it.I know i might not get the same jacket from the Versace for HnM collection but Topshop's come up with whole variety of spring collection.It is close enough to top the classic Versace prints and the scarf inspired bomber jackets which fits my taste in style.Ahh! i can't be more thankful to Topshop. 

I know i sound crazy right now but it's like a major dream come true.Umm not really but still it kinda works for me.I can't wait to get my hand on them before this lot gets sold out as well.I can't wait to team up matching jacket and shorts,trousers etc...etc like Jessy J did.

I know,i know am not a very big fan of Jessy J but i like the quirkiness she has.Anyways,well if anyone of you all agree with me and wanna get inspired by her look in the video.I've post some pictures below of the similar designs.Let's get quirky!
This one's my favourite!
All available at TOPSHOP! Happy shopping/window shopping everyone! :)



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